Humming a New Tune

I learnt a new food related phrase it’s called “Ethnic Cuisine

In the United States there has been a revolution in the format of world cuisines and ethnic cuisine has taken centre stage.  If I was to sum up what ethnic cuisine means, the answer lies in the breakdown of what the two words actually mean – it is basically food which comes from a group which share common cultural values, languages and maybe even religion. In the general sense it is such an obscure term that when I first heard it, it immediately make me think of lesser known regions of the world and their style of cooking.  …view the rest

Churned & Revived

I was always a fusspot when it came to food, even as a kid. Being the first born and mother having extra pangs of mollycoddling she would give in to my demands and our tables were always groaning with home cooked delights found in a typical Gujarati household. On the positive side, I would love to eat anything and everything which was put in front of me, I had no reservations as far as food was concerned be it greens or pulses or soups or breads. …view the rest

Bamboozled in Phuket

Why do people take a vacation? It’s a getaway; it’s a break from the routine and above all just to have a lot of fun.

Contrary to the above, vacations nowadays come with a lot of excess baggage such as laptops, electronics, cell phones, yes, even work! I recollect a small incident which happened in the holiday I took before I set off for South East Asia. A beautiful, well equipped, state of the art hotel offered me a laptop with free wi-fi, docking points near my bed for charging respective electronics including my cell phone and to top it all Playstation, X-box and an unlimited DVD and Game library. While my kids (If I had any i.e.) would have gone ballistic, I sheepishly stowed them away in one of their humongous cupboards and wandered off to the beach to spend the much needed solitary time amongst sun, sand and surf. …view the rest