Herbed Italian Bread

Dinner with Friends

If someone asks me how I got about to cook, it was purely for the love of entertaining. I look forward to good company and it’s a delight to be able to counter it with some good food. Yes, good food, sometimes, is just a call away to neighborhood food establishment or a caterer, but […]

Batter Fried Squids with Warm Butter Garlic Sauce

Squid Pro Quo

It is funny how I actually started having meat, coming from a vegetarian background and to an extent a strict one; this did not leave me many opportunities to explore the other realm of food. My mother turned vegetarian the day she got married, not out of coercion but merely because she had had enough […]

Roasted Potato Skins

Potato, Potatoe – one and the same

It’s very awkward to be caught in a situation where you have to choose between two polarities but return to the same conclusion. A perennial problem in choosing options but the end result being the same can get quite frustrating. I recently experienced a darned catch 22 at work when all and sundry decided to […]