Like Two Peas in a Pod

No two people are alike, or atleast, not in the generic term. I am left flabbergasted when people, strangers, associates, colleagues, friends, extended family etc. compare my brother and me when we are together and fawn over how different we are. Infact, at the gym, in a restaurant, at business meetings, while traveling, at family get-togethers purportedly anywhere, whenever we introduce each other to acquaintances (Hey, this is my brother!), the first reaction is “Really” or “Are you sure”? Ok, I am not the brother from another mother nor are we twins and there is a good four year gap between us, but still it amazes people that we are brothers and don’t look anywhere close to being one. As for a comeback for “Are you sure”? Well, I think I need to keep a DNA test certificate ready with me for every time someone throws that line. …view the rest