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At the age of 12, curious about all things food, I started by cooking my very first dish. A resident of Mumbai, India - a land rich in culture and cuisine I started my journey on the culinary trail quite early. Beginning my food career in journalism where I still write extensive on food and the people behind it for luxury publications, nationally as well as internationally. My love for cooking and thirst for knowledge opened doors to some of the best kitchens in India and abroad where I got to interact, cook, learn and execute finest cuisines of the world from culinary masterminds. My inexhaustible penchant for simplifying fine dishes and turning spirits into potent potions are an expression of my culinary sensibilities, picked from travels around the world and my fervent liaison with the food world.  Thus was born Nonchalant Gourmand, a space where I relive my experiences and share my cooking escapades with the world.

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