• The Gateway Resort, Damdama Lake, Gurgaon

    I clearly recollect one of my first contributions to a magazine from the luxury pickings for men – Mans World. I wrote a couple of pieces for them and my very first assignment was covering a very intriguing concept brought on board (infact, developed and refined since many years of its inception) by one of [...]

    Chef Nat and Nonchalant Gourmand
  • Sheraton Hotel, at Brigade Gateway, (Bangalore)

    When out of town and about, I have always made it a point to consciously select hotels, whether I am on business or not, which are either full blown resorts or are at the least in luxury personified. This is an imperative choice since I believe that once done with the day out working or [...]

  • Pan Asian, ITC Maratha (Mumbai)

    Does you palate get seduced when you are watching a dish being cooked live? Is it not pure pleasure when you sit in front of a kitchen platform, a bubbling pot or sizzling pan of your meal is slowly being transformed into a treat, the scents of the ingredients subtly envelope your senses and your [...]

  • Alila Diwa, Goa

    Blogging from home ground about home ground has always been my forte, this is probably the first time I am talking about a place which is away from home, but still falls under the category of “A home away from home”. Yes, I speak about the much adored holiday destination ofIndia –Goa. I call it [...]

    Nonchalant Gourmand & Chef Ashish Deva
  • Koh, The Intercontinental (Mumbai)

    What happens when you combine an international star chef and an immensely talented Indian chef and let them loose in a restaurant housed in a hotel chain at Mumbai’s prime residential area?   A recipe for success… I had this opportunity to meet with Chef Pongtawat “Ian Kittichai” Chalermkittichai, the world’s first Thai national to [...]

  • Botticino, Trident BKC (Mumbai)

    There are perfectionists and then there are people who infuse passion to perfection. What happens when both these traits are imbibed in one person? It’s pure talent. My latest discovery for Nonchalant Insider was a difficult choice considering I love Italian food and there are very few establishments who manage to satiate my cravings. Botticino, [...]

    Chef Vikas Vichare
  • Four Seasons Hotel (Mumbai)

    Luxury is something which is measured in quality rather than quantity. Mumbai has and always will be a honeyed flower for potential money-bees and to learn the art of sucking dry the sweet nectar, it is an acquired talent and only the seasoned know how to make the most of it.   Four Seasons Hotel [...]

    FS-SanQi (30)
  • Dum Pukht, ITC Maratha (Mumbai)

    Royalty – a word synonymous withIndia. We have grown up reading rich tales of folklore which were inundated with Kings and Queens who lived in much pomp and splendor. A fantasy imbibed in each of us in our childhood and which somehow worked to our benefit in our growing years as we strived to reach [...]

    Dum Pukht

A Relic of Reciprocity

What you do unto others is but a sheer reflection of what your own life will do unto you ~ Nikhil Merchant At the time I write this I have one leg in the United States and the other in India. With the food world taking so much of my time I had to quit [...]

Malaysian Chicken Curry

Marooned in Luxury

Off the coast of Kedah is a cluster of 99 islands offering the best of many worlds: beautiful beaches, world- class infrastructure, mangroves rich in flora and fauna, ultra- cheap duty-free shopping and fascinating legends. 1 such island stands out and you will know why. Destinations around the world are being picked out as must-go [...]


The Early Okonomiyaki

What is the first thing you do when you land in a new place? Well, you make a beeline straight from the airport to the nearest street side kiosk serving up a local delicacy. To be honest, well I was just extremely tired when we landed at Kansai International Airport from Singapore (a cool 4.5-5 [...]

Boston Lobster Thermidor

A Singapore Kitchen

Kitchens come in all forms and sizes, there are restaurant ones, home ones, studio ones and catering ones. I have visited many kitchens in the past, met the owners, interacted with chefs and even cooked in some. For me, coming close to a professionally run kitchen has been to all those luxury F&B Establishment kitchens [...]


High Flying

I am quite a fidgety and curious flyer. Yes, I am one of those who panic at the slightest bump and take a window seat only to keep staring at the wings to see if they are going to burst into flames or we are going to lose a tire or two. I have no [...]

Pomegranate Onion Jam

A Persian Dream

The temperatures soared to about 41C in Dumka, the second capital village of Jharkhand, one of India’s poorest states. I had uncomfortably seated myself in the front seat of the town squires dusty old 4×4, no air conditioning and his trusted driver, Panditji. He wrapped a moist checkered cloth around his head to take me [...]

Almond Saffron Cookies

Docile is Difficult

I have not been blogging a while and things have been quite on the rise. work has been quite a task to keep up with. While I sit back and get inspired by the going-ons around me and my favorite track playing on the radio, I take a few minutes To pen some occurrences and [...]

Lemon Soufflé

A Ray of Light

I have this strange affiliation with attracting the most absurd conversations around me at the most predictable places, these conversations find their way into my ears and before you know it I am part of it with a satisfying finale to the conclusion. Somehow I am beginning to think that I am unconsciously tuning into [...]


Beat the odds

Have you ever been to a casino? As you walk in on the soft carpeted flooring with flashing slot machines and dizzying roulette tables beckoning you seductively to come sit by them and pop in coins and bet the night away, you succumb to the mysterious charms of the ‘big win’ and either walk away [...]


Self Atonement

I had a bit of a revelation one fine Sunday morning, I have been on the job, working 24 x 7 with commitments playing in the form of my day job, writing, consulting and socializing, and all these increasing at a frenzied pace as the days go by.  The weekends spill over the weekdays and [...]